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Your Spell I'm Under

MINOGUE! White Diamond, Channel 4, 8pm.
Somewhat inevitably, we missed this when it had its very limited cinema run, so we squeed muchly when we saw a trailer for it on 4 last week.
This is a behind the scenes doc filmed on Kylie's Showgirl Homecoming tour (which,by the way=ace). It covers her recovery from cancer and her break-up with Olivier... but she hasn't yet appeared on the X Factor (apparently December 15th is the night) so we haven't seen the full potential of her sob story being exploited...
Actually, from what we hear, it's not very sob-story tastic, it's much more about the backstage environment, so expect lots of costumes and shoes (which anyone who saw the wonderful exhibition earlier in the year will know is only a good thing).
This doc has been criticised for being too sterile and controlled, not showing enough diva tantrums etc and basically not being In Bed With Madonna redux. But really, who would want to see Kylie acting like a diva? The fact that she is very guarded about her private life is surely a good thing in an age where certain 'celebs' are on the cover of OK! each week saying 'Ooops! I'm pregnant again'. We don't want knickers off, botttle fellating, temper tantrum Kylie thankyou very much.
What we do want is to feel fabulous and beam at our heroine of 20 years and counting. And hopefully, that's just what we'll be getting...

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