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No good Deid goes unrewarded

AGONY! Sex in the 00s: Dear Deidre, Channel 4, 10.00pm

Sex in the 00s: Dear DeidreThere was widespread consternation on the forum yesterday as Becky EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED that Victoria Newton was no longer the editor of the Sun's Bizarre column. Well, we say "widespread consternation". Really it was more like "generalised cheer, until we discovered that her replacement looks similarly odious, and has an equally incomprehensible journalistic 'style'".

But as we mourn the passing of one iconic figure of tabloid journalism (apparently she's been promoted, if you can believe that), the time comes to pay tribute to another; a lady of great resilience and incomparable stature: Deidre Sanders, the Sun's resident agony aunt. Her advice column has been running for almost 30 years, during which time she has answered some of the nation's most improbable moral conundrums - the majority of which conveniently correspond to one of Deidre's premium rate phone lines offering specialist advice. And let's not forget Deidre's Photo Casebook, which delves into the problems of a scantily-dressed female/buff shirtless man over the course of five days, featuring some of the most hilarious clashes of facial expression and supposed "dialogue" you're ever likely to see. (And in this great world of web2.0, there's now Deidre's Video Casebook online. We haven't checked that out fully, but we're very excited about it.)

This show features Deidre coming face to face with some of the people she's helped over the years, perhaps putting to rest rumours that the advice page is pretty much fabricated. We'd like to believe that, but frankly we've seen enough reader correspondence in our time to believe every terrifying word. Apparently Deidre will also be waxing lyrical on the changing shape of sexual behaviour in the UK since she's been advising the nation. Sounds unmissable.

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