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Fashion Major

POSH! Ugly Betty, C4, 9pm

For some LC-ers, this is the TV moment that will surpass even The Kylie Show, Any Dream WIll Do and the wonderful reappearance of Dame Clare Devine in Hollyoaks. For others it is simply something that will hopefully brighten up an otherwise fairly dull second series of Ugly Betty. Whatever your reasons for tuning in (and you will tune in), it is going to be, as the good lady herself says, MAJOR.

Yes, folks, tonight sees the appearance of Lady Victoria Beckham as Wilhemina's bridesmaid in Ugly Betty. Some folks have already seen this episode on E4 on Wednesday, and have been frothing in the spoiler tags ever since, but some of us remain (somewhat) unspoiled and are very excited at the prospect.

Will Victoria upstage Willy? Will Bradford and Willy tie the knot? Will Victoria's acting be up to scratch? Will Betty actually ever become likeable or interesting again? Will Crazy Clare Mead turn up and cause some fun and dangerous mishap? Will we see more of Marc and his new boyfriend? Will there be a SHOCK! TWIST!?

Well, from what we've gathered from bits and pieces we have not been able to avoid, the answers are: almost certainly; no idea; apparently she is very good; we doubt it; we expect so; we really hope so; and hmmm..... wait and see.

Here is where the obligatory corny line about this episode spicing up your life should come, but really, we are above such things.

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