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It's a little ol' place where we can get together

DATING! Love Trap, Channel 4, 10.00pm

Love TrapThis programme's a curious one, in that it falls into the category where everyone we know is watching it, but the nation as a whole does not seem to be. At least, last week's ratings for the show seemed to imply as much. Which is a shame, because the parts of it that we've caught have been entertaining, and occasionally even enlightening. And also, hysterically funny, in a creepy sort of way. And isn't that really the best kind of funny, when all's said and done?

The trailers were fairly widespread in the run-up to the first episode, so you should know what to expect, but just to provide context for those who missed it: 24-year-old Swede Carolina is looking for love. The show sets her up with various suitors: one British, one Australian, one Italian, one German and one Ugandan. The blokes just think they're on a show examining their dating habits, which is only half the story: they don't realise they're competing against other guys to represent the men of their nation, they don't realise there are hidden cameras all over Carolina's flat, and they don't realise they're being set a lot of tests, which is quite awesome.

Tests thus far have included Carolina making mention of a private saucy photo album, which is so private that they must never look at it, and then putting it away somewhere really obvious (result: everyone looked when left unattended), and inviting a sexy decoy friend around to try to tempt them away on a double-date evening (result: German Florian and his friend totally hoodwinked by this one). It's probably not the most shining example of male chivalry you're likely to see on television, in all honesty, but then it's not really pretending to be. It's just very entertaining and occasionally sweet in an unexpected way.

At the end of last week's episode, Brit Ossie took the lead as he and Carolina shared some snuggles on the sofa (this is as far as anyone's got, so if you're looking for cheap titillation, we suggest you try ITV2), but tonight's episode will be where Carolina makes her final decision, and there's every chance that one of the other men may, as Grease 2 so memorably put it, do it for their country. Plus, presumably the guys will be shown what sort of show they've actually been on, and their reactions should be priceless. It'll be a nailbiter, we have little doubt.

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