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Boy A, Queen Bee

TREASONOUS? Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, BBC1, 8:30pm.

VILLAINOUS? Boy A, Channel 4, 9pm.

Ooh, expect the Daily Mail and the Dail Express to be all in a lather about this little pair. If they haven't been so already. We don't know. We don't read them. Still, it will be nice for them to have something to talk aboutother than missing Maddie, asylum seekers and whether or not DI WOZ MURDERED!11!.

Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work is the documentary previously known as A Year in the Life of the Queen, which caused scandal right in the middle of TV FAKERY! season by having a trailer showing Her Majesty (TM) apparently storming out of a photo shoot, which was actually a LIE. Now, cynics might see the trailer fakery as a publicity stunt by the production company in order to get this series maximum viewage, but not us, honest, guv. (Although can we just say, an hour and a half? Is it really going to be that long for the whole five week run, cos you might just lose us after the first episode if so. We don't have attention spans. We watch Hollyoaks and The X Factor, for goodness sakes. Our brain cells withered and died many years ago).

How much we will get to know about 'the real queen' is debatable - much like Kylie's White Diamond last night, we will probably only see the bits of our nation's second favourite queen that she wants us to see, but much like Kylie, we probably don't really want to know the 'truth' about someone whose persona is so clearly controlled, when speculation is so much more fun. I mean, we haven't even recovered from the revelations in the Daily Mirror the other year about HM using Tupperware and watching trash TV like Kirsty's Home Videos. Still, it proves she's a true LC-er at heart, Gawd bless her.

Opposite the Royal doc is another show seemingly designed to get the right-wing moralists up in arms, Channel 4's one-off drama, Boy A.

Telling the story of a young man (played by Andrew Garfield, who was in Lions for Lambs and spent most of the film looking as unconvinced by it as the audience) released from prison after serving a sentence for killing a child along with another boy when he was a young boy himself (so not at all based on the James Bulger case, then), Boy A looks to be interesting, potentially harrowing and tabloid-baiting-tastic. Channel 4 is doing really well this year with serious one-off dramas and documentaries (it's just a shame about its 10pm regular dramas that are cursed with the rubbishness stick) and hopefully this will be worth the two-hour investment.

So, OK, we know most of you will be watching I'm a Celeb and Dragon's Den whilst these shows are on, but don't forget, it's times like these that the BBC iPlayer, 4OD and Channel 4+1 were invented for.

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Lawks! What's happened to Lowculture's immaculate formatting? Looks like it went to wonky shit about a week ago. What a mess! Sort it out, or face my monarchy wrath.

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