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Things ain't cooking in my kitchen

SHOUTING! Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Channel 4, 9pm

We have to confess, much as we love Channel 4 programmes, we are less than impressed with the way they are treating them. Their website, once a really useful tool, never seems to put previews up these days (in the past few weeks we have failed to find info there about Comedy Connections, Britz and Boy A amongst other things). Their page for Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is no better, containing only recaps of previous weeks and no info whatsoever on tonight's show (luckily for us, we have access to the Radio Times).

They are also treating their 'new' series really badly, with Property Ladder, Location Location Location and this show falling foul of the 'revisit' syndrome, whereby we get some repeats with an extra minute or so tacked on the end - which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't marketed as being part of a new series and parked slap bang in the middle of new episodes (AND they haven't shown any new-to-terrestrial episodes of The Simpsons in about three years, by our reckoning, which makes us really angry then swiped it from the BBC who at least used to show new episodes once a year). We would be much happier if the end of each of these series would feature a proper revisit epiosde (or even two at a push), with merely a few flashbacks to the original episodes being shown and several decent revisits all in the one show. Now that, Channel 4, would be worth our time and effort.

Anyway, ranting aside, this is apparently a completely new episode of Kitchen Nightmares. In it, Gordon travels to Lampeter to visit an ailing fish restaurant. Apparently sparks will fly when Gordon meets the proprietor's wife: according to the non-mysoginist-or-Welshist-at-all Radio Times preview, we will be treated to 'the appalling shouting and screaming of Caron, Mike's fiery Welsh dragon of a wife'.

However, the bit about tonight's show that really intrigues us is that apparently it is as much about Gordon trying to fix their marriage as it is him trying to fix their restaurants. What with this and Triny and Susannah Undress, marriage counselling appears to be the new telly black. And it does leave us wondering who the next person called upon to do a bit of marriage fixing will be. Seeing as You Are What You Eat has been allegedly cancelled, we wouldn't bet against Gillian McKeith coming back with some sort of 'save your marriage through aduki beans' show.

Forget Relate, people, makeover shows are the cure for all of life's ills.

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A couple of very VERY nitpicky comments

i)You probably didn't find any Comedy Connections info as that's a show on BBC1!

ii)Channel 4 started showing some new to terrestrial Simpsons a couple of months ago in the prime time spot of T4 Sunday at half 4,but then stopped again recently

By Anonymous Ceeb, at 1:39 am  

Oh, Comedy Showcase, that was the one.

Did they? A bit of promo wouldn't have hurt anyone. Stupid Channel 4.

By Blogger RAD, at 9:33 am  

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