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Don't mind doing it for the kids

CHARITY! Children in Need, BBC1, from 7.00pm
COMEDY! Angelo's, Five, 11.00pm

Children in NeedAh, time for a charity telethon again, is it? We rather like these, because they tend to make it very easy for a person to plan out an evening's viewing. Not only do you get a wide selection of pop music, comedy sketches and drama in the telethon itself (interspersed by frequent pleas for you to hand over some cash, but we suppose that's the price you pay - literally), but the other channels don't tend to schedule anything too competitive. It would be uncharitable, since they would be luring viewers away from worthy causes, and it would be also be fairly misguided, since big long telethons tend to be ratings slam-dunks for the most part. Note the absence of Ugly Betty in Channel 4's schedule tonight, for example; although the omission of that show could be rather serendipitous, since the WGA strike is looking like cutting most of this year's seasons down to around 12 episodes or fewer anyway, so Channel 4 will probably want to extend the run as far as it can, so the gap in the schedule might help them out. And for those of you who can't go a week without your fix, here's a quite literally brilliant clip from next week's episode:

Anyway, that's for next week, so what can we expect for tonight? Well, there's the now traditional teeny tiny episode of Doctor Who, some of the cast of Hollyoaks doing a Marc Bolan tribute (egad), a junior version of Dragons' Den, the BBC newsreaders doing Chicago, plus West End Leading Man Lee Mead and those people who won that Grease show as well. And when the show goes off air for the news at 10pm, there's a special CiN-themed QI on BBC2, with Pudsey on the panel. Awesome? We suspect so. Oh, and the Spice Girls will be performing. Tsk, fancy forgetting about them! (Also, what's the deal with Pudsey's redesign this year, and why does he now look like Laughing Bear from Boo!, eh?

Of course, having said that nobody in their right mind would try to competitively schedule against this, we find ourselves wondering why Five chose tonight to premiere Angelo's, the new sitcom written by and starring Sharon Horgan, to whom you may remember us writing a sort of epic love poem last week. 11pm on a Friday night (not to mention on Five) doesn't seem an especially thrive-y sort of slot so our hopes for this do not generally involve a multi-year run, but we're planning to tune in to see if it's as brilliant as Pulling was.

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