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Adventures in Time and Space

MAGICAL! The Sarah Jane Adventures, 5pm BBC1, 5:30pm, CBBC
BIBLICAL! Exodus, 10pm Channel 4
And so it is with a tear in our eye that we come to the final two-parter in the first series (we are assuming there are more to come. There better be.) of the Sarah Jane Adventures.
This series has been nothing but a joy from start to finish, with the message board consensus being that it pisses all over Torchwood from a great height. And you don't even have to stay up late to watch it. Although you do have to get in early from work.
BBC1's episode, the opening part of this double bill, introduces us to two people who say they are Luke's real parents, and that Luke isn't his real name. What happens after that, we're not saying, but there are several twists and turns that set us up nicely for the climax over on CBBC.
Lis Sladen has been wonderful, Niki from This Life has been funny, the kids have been much less annoying than TV kids usually are, and HotDad has been, well, hot.
So, what will happen tonight? Is Luke really that couple's long lost son? Who will be the big enemy or enemies the gang face? Will they stop doing that slightly annoying thing of always spliiting the characters into the Luke/Clyde and Maria/Sarah Jane pairings? Will SJS and HotDad get it on?
Come back soon, Sarah Jane Adventures, we'll miss you. (And roll on the Martha Jones adventures in 30 years' time...)
Whilst the Sarah Jane Adventures takes us on an all-too-realistic journey of monsters and magic, over on Channel 4 tonight, there is a somewhat less plausible 'adult' drama, with Exodus. Obviously taking their cues from BBC3's successful (and rather ace) Manchester Passion last year, this is a contemporary 'reimagining' of the Exodus story, set in, er, Margate.
The fact that this drama has been shunted to a graveyard slot late in November with little publicity or fanfare leads us to believe it probably isn't much cop, but Bernard Hill (Yosser Hughes from Boys From the Blackstuff, for those of us decrepid enough to recall) is playing Pharaoh, so it could be interesting. You never know. And anyway, some of us are researching religious related TV, so the more the better, as it provides ample material for the thesis...

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