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Looks like we've made it to the end

We're going to do that selection box style of update today, but not because we can't find anything we want to write about at length (well, maybe slightly because of that), but more because we noticed a trend in tonight's telly. That's right, folks - lots of things are ending. Because all good things must come to an end, whereas bad things go on forever, which explains why Charmed ran for eight seasons. (Just kidding. We love that show, honestly. Just don't talk to us about season eight, we're still in repression therapy trying to forget it ever happened.)

Brothers and SistersAnd so tonight it's time to sing so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen etc. to three US treats, two of them forever. Bowing out first (chronologically speaking) is Brothers and Sisters on Channel 4 at 10pm as it reaches the end of season one. It hasn't exactly been a ratings grabber for C4, hovering around and occasionally below the one million mark, despite its popularity in the US. Our theory for this is that perhaps the themes of the programme, in terms of its focus on a family at war over US politics and their own boozy, privileged nature, doesn't necessarily travel brilliantly and is perhaps more resonant on its own turf. That said, we actually really enjoyed this show (when we remembered to watch it), and the cast is ridiculously pretty, so we'll be sad if the second season doesn't get picked up by anyone over here.

Behind that is What About Brian on E4 at 11.05pm, which we've only ever caught odd glimpses of, but have also enjoyed in a dripping-with-cheese sort of way. It's bowing out after two seasons, leaving us wondering if the question of Brian will ever be truly resolved. Again, it was kind of hard to sympathise with the problems of a bunch of beautiful rich people, but we'll miss the show, and more surprisingly, we'll miss the trailers, which somehow went from annoying to endearing without us noticing.

And finally it's the swansong of Will & Grace on Channel 4 at 12.05am. In all honesty the show went off the boil years ago so we're not exactly in floods of tears, and if having not one but two live episodes in your final season doesn't scream "look at us, jumping this shark, look!", we don't know what does. But we'll miss the bitchy put downs all the same, and we'll miss trying to be more like Karen in our everyday lives.

So there we go. We're not going to cry, we're just going to focus on the good times and the fond memories. Okay, and maybe cry a little.

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The last series of Will & Grace was brilliant. Except for the parts with Will & Grace in.

Poor Will & Grace.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:37 pm  

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