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Betty the devil you know

FASHION! Ugly Betty, Channel 4, 9.00pm

Ugly BettyWell this is a turn up for the books, isn't it? Usually we have to wait until January at the very earliest for the new season of a US show to start over here - presumably because US broadcasters tend to have a couple of mid-season hiatuses which is a concept that doesn't really exist over here, so starting in January gives us just enough leeway to get to the end of the season only a week or so after our Stateside cousins do. Quite how Channel 4 is planning to work around this, considering the new season of Ugly Betty started in America precisely one week ago, we're unsure, but it's certainly one in the eye for those pesky illegal downloaders, isn't it?

If you can cast your minds back to the season finale, you'll recall it was fairly much cliffhanger central. Charlie appeared to be pregnant with the lovely Henry's baby, meaning that he had to move home to Tucson and make an honest woman of her. Ignacio was stuck in Mexico due to some immigration issues. Justin had accidentally-on-purpose sabotaged a schoolmate so he could play Tony in West Side Story. Amanda had just discovered that Fey Sommers was her mother. Daniel and Alexis were both left for dead in a car accident. And speaking of dead, Santos got shot in a convenience store robbery and we left Betty breaking the news to a distraught-looking Hilda in the middle of Justin's star turn.

So how will that all be resolved? Buggered if we know; since we've only had a week to wait, we've been doing our darnedest to keep ourselves spoiler-free. But we wouldn't bet against the baby not being Henry's, or indeed there not being any baby at all, leading Betty's One True Love back into her slightly hairy arms (but probably not for long). And we're betting that Daniel and Alexis probably aren't dead. Santos? Maybe. Now we just need it to hurry up and be nine o'clock so we can find out for sure. Welcome back, Ugly Betty. We missed you.

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