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Comedy = srs bsns

COMEDY! The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle/The Peter Serafinowicz Show, BBC2, from 9.00pm

Two new comedy shows on the same night? Why, BBC2, you are spoiling us. Although that's us taking it as read that these shows are any good, but we're quietly hopeful about it. They've got good pedigree, at the very least.

The Life and Times of Vivienne VyleDame Jennifer Saunders is first up in The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, playing a self-obsessed daytime chat show host in the Jeremy Kyle mould (the similarity in the names is coincidental, apparently, but we're not sure how much we believe that), complete with in-show sequences with tabloidy subtitles which look set to be our favourite running gag (the Radio Times lists one as "I Want A Vagina But I Can't Kick The Crack", which is inspired). We've been quite excited about this show for ages as pre-broadcast mumblings suggested it was going to be very good indeed. From the sneaky preview we got on the website, we're already loving Miranda Richardson as the über-stressed producer. Oh, and it's co-written by Tanya Byron from The House of Tiny Tearaways, bizarrely enough.

The Peter Serafinowicz ShowAlso debuting tonight is The Peter Serafinowicz Show, which we're also excited about, because we think he's great even if we always have to look up how to spell his surname. It's a sketch show, which is always pretty tricky territory to get right, but if the trails are anything to go by (not that we're too trusting; we've been burned before) it should be quite ace. The impressions look like they're going to be an absolute hoot. Again, the online preview was an inspired pisstake of the Cillit Bang adverts, which was enough to convince us to tune in.

It should be a power hour of comedy, then, but the question on our lips is: can it beat the powerhouse duo of Flight of the Conchords and Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe on BBC4 on Tuesdays? Not that it's a contest or anything. We just like manufacturing drama for no good reason.

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