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Business as usual

ANOTHER CHANCE! The Apprentice, Dave, 9.00pm

The ApprenticeWe're still not entirely convinced by the logic of rebranding your channel as "Dave", you know. We follow the reasoning behind it (even if it is alarmingly reminiscent of those "everybody knows a bloke like Mickey" shampoo adverts), but we can't help thinking that it's one of those ideas that sounds brilliant in a brainstorming session where a bunch of marketing and brand executives have been sweating it out for the best part of a morning, but in the cold harsh light of day it just seems a bit...silly? And as anyone who's ever encountered a drunk person knows, there are few things worse than someone you barely know claiming to be your best friend, which is sort of what this is doing. But we'll see.

We don't generally make a habit of promoting repeats on the front page (although perhaps we should, because for once we might actually have a clue what we're talking about), but we'll make an exception here because UKTV Dave is showing the first series of The Apprentice from the very beginning. And as people who barely caught the first series, but got hooked on the second two, we are very excited indeed by this, and we feel certain we can't be alone.

Admittedly it will be lacking in some degree of tension since we all know who wins (spoiler alert: IT'S TIM), but for those of us who were a bit slow off the mark the first time around, it'll be a good chance to make up for lost time. Also, we really really want to see the QVC episode again, which was about the only episode we did catch first time around, and OH DEAR GOD THAT COAT. We believe the first task involves the selling of flowers pitting Saira against Tim. Call us psychic, but we don't think it'll be the last time that happens.

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