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Tudor manner born

HISTORIC! The Tudors, BBC2, 9.00pm

The TudorsWe did plan to watch this last week, figuring that we could then bring you a wholly accurate and insightful preview for episode two this week, in that manner that we often do when there's a long-running series on the go. However, as the best laid plans of man go oft awry, we didn't quite get around to it: we were schmoozed by the superficial charms of the new series of Ugly Betty on C4 and ended up watching that instead. Whoops. Aw, hell, we don't regret a second of it, it was great. Amanda's parents are swingers!

Anyway, in light of all this, we feel compelled to turn to the knowledgeable posters of the lowculture messageboard for some feedback. Through the magic of having already been able to watch the show in Ireland, junky declared it "fookin dreadful", adding: "Henry VIII is supposed to be a big character bursting with masculinity and charisma - everything Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the antithesis of. Tonight in a scene he's supposed to be threatening a court fella, he just looked like a snipey queen trying to flirt." fused noted: "I used to study history, and the Tudors are a very interesting dynasty, but there seem to be a lot of dramas about them. Then again, I usually end up watching them all." while klee wondered: "Why not do the Stuarts? They were the Royal family version of Dallas: bizarre obsessions with witchcraft, porphyria, covert Catholicism, affairs with actresses, evil Spanish wives and Revolution." Nurse Dunkley had some more positive feedback: "I disagree with junky and think Johnathan Rhys Meyers is ace. Lets hope they don't bother fattening him up either, because he's especially fit in this." And to end things on a good note, here's Paul: "Episode 10 starts with a Jonathan Rhys Meyers cry-wank which has to be seen to be believed, and the drunken sex scene halfway through the series with Henry Cavill and his wife is fantastic, just for his facial expression alone when she hits him in the face."

So there we have it: notices which are, as they say in the trade, "mixed". It might not be as much fun as Rome as it doesn't seem to have quite so much linguistically inventive swearing, but the cast sure is pretty. And there is always the off chance we might learn something; you never know.

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