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I ain't 'fraid of no ghost

SPOOKY! Ghosthunting with the Dingles, ITV2, 9.00pm

Ghosthunting with the DinglesIt perhaps discredits our status as bible of all things pertaining to culture that is low to admit this, but we still haven't seen Ghosthunting with Girls Aloud. We know it was hilarious, we know it's readily available on YouTube, and yet we still haven't quite got around to it. We feel suitably shamed, and we will attempt to redress this at our earliest possible convenience. In the meantime, here's that format again, this time starring Emmerdale's ever-growing Dingle family.

Partaking in the festivities - alongside seasoned ghost hunter Yvette Fielding, naturally - will be Mark Charnock (Marlon), Joseph Gilgun (Eli), Lucy Pargeter (Chas), Hayley Tamaddon (Delilah) and Verity Rushworth (Donna). It is unclear at this stage if they've reached an agreement over which member of Girls Aloud they all want to be the comparitive number to - i.e. the Nadine, who's too scared at the prospect to even turn up for filming, or the Cheryl, who veers between belligerently challenging the ghosts and then having a bit of a cry later.

We're a little saddened that the best Dingle (Belle, obviously) won't be taking part, but she's probably a bit too young for this sort of thing. In the meantime, watching vaguely famous people getting spooked is usually a laugh, and they can probably get a few tips from Adele Silva, whom we think we remember seeing on I'm Famous and Frightened not that long ago. Clearly the ghosts + celebrities format is a winner, whatever you call it.

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What is the proper contact to get in touch with the editor of this site? Thanks!


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