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Dangerous Housewives

GUNS! Suburban Shootout, Five, 10.00pm

Suburban ShootoutIt was an odd one, this one. When we first heard about it, some time before the first series hit our screens, it was mainly referred to as being the UK's answer to Desperate Housewives. And in a way it sort of is, although people who tuned in expecting the shows to have a similar theme were probably quite surprised, since this show makes no attempt to hide the fact that its main characters are, for the large part, absolutely batshit crazy and armed to the teeth. Then again, given the choice of watching women of a certain age passive-aggressively battle over cake decorations and watching them actually gun each other down, we know which one we'd pick.

The ladies of Little Stempington are back for a second series, and it doesn't particularly look as though any of them have successfully completed an anger management class in the interim - which is just as well, otherwise the main plot would be severely lacking narrative thrust. The stakes have changed slightly since last year, since Barbara is currently in prison, leaving Joyce to somewhat unwillingly take over leadership of the gang, in competition with the sanity-challenged Camilla - not a position we'd want to find ourselves in, since Camilla's the sort of person who'd blow your head off if you ate your dinner with the wrong fork.

If the above sounds utterly bonkers, that's because it is - but that's half the fun. The cast looks like they're having a whale of a time, and although you don't need to so much suspend your disbelief as issue it with a P45 and agree a workable notice period, the fun is pretty infectious. Switch all of your critical faculties off and enjoy, that's our advice.

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