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The gospel according to Johnny

GOD! Johnny Vegas's Guide to...Evangelical Christianity, Channel 4, 11.05pm

Johnny Vegas's Guide to Evangelical ChristianityThere doesn't seem to be an awful lot on telly tonight that merits any great excitement. Possibly because of the date, and schedules being given over to documentaries of a memorial nature, which is absolutely fair enough, but that's not really lowculture territory. So we find ourselves turning to this, on the grounds that Channel 4's occasional strand where a celebrity introduces you to the finer aspects of a particular religion is often worth a gander.

This one's got a bit of an uphill struggle on its hands, since we'd wager a lot of people probably think they know all there is to know about evangelical Christianity anyway. After all, if we didn't, then the evangelical Christians wouldn't be doing their jobs properly. But there's apparently enough in the subject to sustain a 65-minute documentary, and enough to justify sending Johnny Vegas to Colorado to experience the whole thing up close.

It probably won't quite be Peaches Geldof on Islam in terms of the all-important WTF factor (personally we can't wait for Zac Efron's Guide to Zoroastrianism - hop to it, Channel 4!), but there's the interesting angle here where Mr Vegas trained to be a Catholic priest in his youth so he has, as they might put it in The Bill, got "previous". It looks promising, anyway, and we can't say fairer than that.

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Yay! I like to think of this asthe first bonafide rad-themed preview as religion on telly is my area of academic expertise.

Please don't spoil my moment of feeling attended to by telling me it's all a coincidence...

By Blogger RAD, at 9:32 am  

Nope, you're right - this one was all for you. :D

By Blogger Steve, at 8:13 am  

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