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"What have you been cooking in here? Food?"

COOKING! Hell's Kitchen Final, ITV1, 9.00pm

Hell's Kitchen FinalIt's the moment that literally dozens of people have been waiting for - the final of Hell's Kitchen, where we get to see which lucky D-lister gets crowned Least Likely To Crumble In The Face Of Kitchen-Based Adversity, or whatever. They can join the elite ranks of...whoever won the first series. It was a long time ago, wasn't it? Hang on a second...oh, of course! Jennifer Ellison, bless her. How could we have forgotten?

Sadly we've not really been able to keep up with this series (we worked a lot of overtime last week which really cut into our quality TV time), but the always accurate Wikipedia informs us that Adela Silva and Barry McGuigan are the two finalists, so well done to both of them. And of course, no reality show is complete these days without someone being asked to leave for an "oh sorry I didn't realise you weren't allowed to say things like that" comment; on this occasion it was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Jim Davidson, after making various homophobic comments to Brian Dowling. No one could've predicted that, could they? Never mind, we're sure he's learned a valuable lesson from the whole experience and will discover a new appreciation of tolerance for minorities of every sort.

It's not exactly been unmissable telly this time around, but perhaps we've all got cookery fatigue between this and The Restaurant and Nigella with her taxis to Waitrose. But it got Anneka Rice back onto our screens, albeit briefly, and it should be applauded for that if nothing else.

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Oh my word! Do you realise how little work I did yesterday afternoon?^ I *knew* I knew that line - What have you been cooking etc - but it took me several minutes to remember it was from dinnerladies... and at least another hour to remember who said it and what the context was. Pah!

You've gotta love Jean's sister though. Great work!


^Clearly you're not to blame for much of that though.

By Anonymous TJ, at 1:58 pm  

You get a gold star! We were wondering if anyone was going to ask/tell us where that line was from. And yes, Jean's sister was brilliant.

By Blogger Steve, at 7:51 am  

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