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French (and Saunders) history

CLIPS! A Bucket o' French and Saunders, BBC1, 9.00pm

A Bucket o' French and SaundersFirst of all, our apologies for the slightly sporadic updates (and non-updates, in some cases) of the past few days - we had some unanticipated technical problems. Hopefully now they are fixed and you can read this. If not, you're still reading the piece we wrote about Hollyoaks on Tuesday, so it's a good job that was fucking great, isn't it? Anyway, to business: this is a sort of F&S take on the Two Ronnies Sketchbook way of doing things, ie. throw some old clips together with some new links and a smattering of new material and call it a new series.

Now, on the one hand we could sit here and feel cheated, but on the other hand we could also sit here and remember how the most recent series really wasn't that great, in which case we might be better off revisiting other stuff that we like and then if the new stuff isn't really that good we know there'll be something better along in a minute. Not that we're suggesting they've lost their touch or anything; really, we're just pointing out the silver lining, such as it is.

We don't quite know what to expect from the new stuff, but according to the Radio Times there's going to be a Location Location Location spoof at some point which involves Dawn French as Kirstie Allsopp and also Kirstie Allsopp as herself, which does sound pretty exciting. There's also a Jennifer as bald Britney and Dawn as Amy Winehouse to look forward to as well. They might be in tonight's show; they might not. Drat these TV types and their ways of making us watch every episode due to deliberately vague and evasive billings! Also looking promising: the links are done in a spoof of bad TV presenting by the never-less-than-awesome Joanna Lumley.

Let's end with one of our favourite clips, shall we? Again, no idea if this'll be in the show itself, and we know we've posted this before, but it still cracks us up every time:

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