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Flash(back)! Ahh-ahh!

PAST! Heroes, BBC2, 9.00pm

HeroesIt's been a good couple of weeks since we wrote about this show, and we love a good flashback episode (note to Lost: people get excited about them if you use them sparingly, just fyi), so it's high time for us to check back in with the aspiring do-gooders of Heroes as the show flashes back six months.

So, six months prior to all the shit they're currently in, the Heroes were in...a slightly different kind of shit. Niki was an alcoholic, with serious daddy issues. There will be, however, some explanation as to who the hell the butch-looking woman who appears in her mirror actually is, so hurrah for that. Claire had just joined the cheerleading squad (including slightly odd sequence where cheertator Jackie encourages Claire to try on her new uniform in front of her - like, lesbian subtext much?) and was just beginning to discover the whole indestructability thing. Also: Nathan was kind of a nice guy. We'll give you a second to pick yourselves up off the floor.

Anyway, we get to see the first time Nathan flew and how that directly relates to wife Heidi's paralysis, and also Nathan and Peter sit around a hospital waiting room and look like they want to make out with each other. A lot. So at least some things were still the same six months ago. Also, we finally find out who Sylar is, and whoa, does he have issues. Oh, and linking the whole thing to the present time - Hiro's gone back in time to save the life of the cutesy waitress with the memory superpower. Aww. Dork love! It's so cute.

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