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Badgers or bust

NATURE! Springwatch Nightshift, BBC2, 12.20am

Springwatch NightwatchFor once, you can spend part of your summer staying up until an ungodly hour watching grainy footage of dumb animals stumbling around in the darkness. No, we're not talking about Big Brother (after all, who didn't see that setup coming a mile away?), but about something entirely wholesome and possibly even educational: Springwatch Nightshift.

We consulted Nurse Dunkley from the messageboards, who's a firm proponent of the show, to discover just what's so awesome about it. He advised us that "you should probably mention how strangely amazing it is to see fuckloads of badgers (at least 8!) wandering around and attacking the camera camouflage equipment", and to be perfectly honest we didn't need much more persuading than that. Unless of course it was eight Ruth Badgers randomly attacking the cameras, which would easily be the best thing ever shown on television ever. Also of note are the barn owls, specifically how "last week the older ones were eating the younger ones". We believe this was a storyline mooted for the proposed sixth series of Footballers' Wives, before its lamentable cancellation. This show is officially like all the good bits of other shows rolled into one.

Sadly we gather that we will not be treated to the sight of Bill Oddie in a sleeping bag, since apparently all of his bits are pre-recorded, but this may not be such a terrible thing after all. The website assures us that the show will feature "things that scurry through the night", and we haven't experienced that since the last time we went to G-A-Y, so that should be fun. Plus we quite fancy learning something, other than "wealthy posh girls are sometimes unwittingly racist", and Nurse Dunkley assures us that the show is highly educational, and easily better than actual school biology lessons, so there you go. Problem solved.

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Hoorah! Mother Nature smiles down on you. I predict a ratings SMASH for tonight now.

By Anonymous Nurse Dunkley, at 4:17 pm  

So many runaway children, 15 year old girls who landed on the streets of Hollywood and elsewhere, ended up prostituting themselves.
This is a topic that nicely illustrates how god is preditory on children, for not only did they popularize the notion of casual sex back in the 60s they instructed Artificial Intelligence to desensitize young women. Now we have people prostituting themselves through college and even choosing to turn tricks in high school.
I suspect it ocurrs far more frequently then they will admit:::I suggest parents inquire about the status of their female children.
Sadly, far too often these parents also are corrupted, and they think their daughters are earning by corrupting these young men.
god is preditory on children::::
-Child molestation/sexual abuse (life was decent before)
-Halloween -Christmas -Easter -Candy -Sugary breakfast cereals -Soda
-Free sex 1960s, which continued until the intentional AIDS scare.
-Preditory cartoons.
-This tempation-based popular culture is targetted at the young people:::::It creates "open doors" which are designed to manufacture dysfunctions by conditioning them with peaked euphoria ("magic").

Homeless runaways go to Hollywood - gods making a statement/offering a clue about this industry.
The gods place no importance in these individuals. Only this Manifest Destinty society does.
And since there are multiples for each movie none of them are important.

Romans were used as monsters. They were terrorists who raped the region.
Like the Scandanavians.
Like the Pawnee.
Like the Japanese.
Like all the others whom I fail to list.

People today have much in common with the mideval Europeans who were victimized by the Scandanavians:::::
Between the celebrity culture and the gangster positioning that is Manifest Destiny we have OUR Vikings, violators who who raped, pillaged and plundered our society to the brink of the Apocalypse with their corruption and themes that encouraged social deterioration.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:31 am  

If you're going to post nonsensical bollocks again in future, could you please learn to spell first? Thanks.

By Blogger Steve, at 8:29 am  

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