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FINALE! Ugly Betty, Channel 4, 9.00pm

Ugly BettySeriously, we've just got something in our eyes. We are totally not crying as a result of having watched this show on E4 on Wednesday, whatever you might think. We're definitely not that girly. We do not in any way get far too emotionally attached to television characters. Oh, just go away. Stop laughing. You're all bastards.

We're not really sure what we're going to do without this show to look forward to every week. We shall miss its shininess, the insane colour scheme of the Mode offices, the insanely camp humour, the catty put-downs and one-liners (our personal favourite has to be Wilhelmina referring to Alexis as "Li'l Orphan Tranny"), the surprisingly likeable characters (especially Amanda, who's currently our joint-favourite television character on any show, alongside Nathan Petrelli), the cheesy editing, and the general sense of fun we get from watching it. Bloody hell, January feels like a long way away.

ANYway, there's a lot to get through in this episode, so we'll rush through it all whilst trying to be as unspoiler-y as possible: Wilhelmina surges ahead with her plan to marry Bradford, but at a terrible cost to Marc. Justin secures the lead in West Side Story after he probably-deliberately-but-maybe-accidentally-on-purpose gives the main actor anaphylactic shock. Betty and Henry finally declare their feelings for one another. Daniel continues to be all hepped up on goofballs, and Alexis maybe grows a heart. Amanda and Christina get drunk and maybe a little bit lesbian, while discovering some dark secrets relating to Fey Sommers. And something terrible happens. Sniff. Seriously, it's something in our eyes. Not crying. No.

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I already saw this a few weeks ago so I'm already having withdrawal symptoms :(

She should have stayed with Walter !


By Blogger AcerBen, at 1:36 pm  

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