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Everybody in the house of love

BACK! E-17 Reunited, Channel 4, 10.00pm

E-17 ReunitedWe're struggling to know what to make of all these pop revivals, to be honest. Obviously it's all worked out rather nicely for Take That (and our theory is that they've benefitted from a fanbase who never truly got a sense of closure from the split, and have grown up to an age now where they have a healthy amount of disposable income for albums and gig tickets), and you could argue that despite the humiliating Eurovision defeat, it's impressive for Scooch to have managed another Top 10 single. But then you've got the unfortunate return of All Saints to the dumper, and the Fiveive (which was the hilarious nickname we used to have for them, because a 5 does not look like an F however much you squint) comeback stalling before it even started. The jury's still out on whether the Spice Girls are attempting one or not, and we're sort of hoping they aren't, if only so we can continue to remember them as all-conquering girlband overlords rather than sad shadows of their former selves. Always best to go out with a bang rather than a parp.

You could argue that having a TV show is an excellent way to boost your comeback, but then it didn't exactly do great business for Gareth Gates, and the less said about boyband "super"group Upper Street the better. However, E(ast)-17 have got their own telly show, and it's a proper serious one, post-watershed on Channel 4 rather than ITV1 Saturday primetime, bookended by Dancing On Ice. This is presumably because they were a bit more hardcore than your typical boyband (we went to an all-boys school in Dover, where E17 were the only boyband you were allowed to like, or you got beatings, innit).

One particular turn of phrase in the billing worries us: "the original members have decided to launch a comeback in the hope of landing a million-pound recording contract." (Emphasis ours, obviously.) Lots of people hope to land million-pound recording contracts, after all. Doesn't mean they will. Still, this should make for interesting viewing, and will hopefully give us several opportunities to tell our "how many members of East 17 does it take to change a lightbulb?" joke to anyone who'll listen. (We'd repeat it here, but it's not the sort of thing that you can properly render in text form. Sorry.)

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