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It's okay, you can get radio through the telly these days

AUDIO! That Mitchell and Webb Sound, Radio 4, 6.30pm

That Mitchell and Webb SoundYesterday on the messageboard, Ceeb noted: "If this isn't the first ever radio pick of the day on the front page of LowCulture tommorow I will be a bit sad." We're fairly certain we must have already had a radio pick at least once, back in the annals of time, but all the same we're happy to oblige. Besides, after our much-detailed moving house experiences, we now have enough plugs in our bedroom to have a working radio again so it's sort of a double celebration for us.

Anyway, we're pleased to say that season four of Peep Show was back to its usual glowing form, and we've been getting serious Mitchell and Webb withdrawal symptoms since it finished on Friday, so hooray for the new radio series of That Mitchell and Webb Sound. Apparently there are new characters to come including the rally driver and his navigator who fight like an old married couple, and some Stone Age men unsettled by the advent of bronze (for some reason, Mitchell and Webb sketches with a historical bent are often our favourites - the prehistoric CSI sketch they did on TV was hilarious).

Of course, there is the slight disadvantage that it's on during Hollyoaks, but then aren't gut-wrenching decisions like this what life is really all about? Plus, you know, the other has an omnibus on Sundays. Choose radio! It's fun, you can pretend you're in the 1950s...

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Hmmm, Radio 4 = LowCulture...!? x

By Anonymous TJ, at 10:45 am  

We disagree that Peep Show Four was M&W back to their best. Not enough ideas, too much desperate striving for extreme situations. And the ending was, frankly, a bit of a let down. Here's hoping that they get back to their best with series five. And the less mentioned about The Magicians and those adverts, the better.

By Anonymous suchsmallportions, at 10:44 am  

The radio show is so much funnier than Peep Show. Honest. I know these things because I was there and I am a show-off.

By Blogger DanProject76, at 1:37 pm  

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