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Petered out

ENDING! Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter, ITV2, 9.00pm

Katie and Peter: The Next ChapterSomething very strange has happened to us. We sat down one week and happened to catch an episode of this show. We were feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered to find the remote, so we watched all of it. And then, a week later, we made an active decision to watch it. And then we got kind of addicted, to the point where we looked forward to seeing it each week. Now that's just not right, is it?

There is something curiously likeable about these two, though. It could be their absolute lack of boundaries (sample quote: "why do you want to bleach your arsehole? It's not like you ever let me anywhere near it"), or the fact that they don't seem to care that the cameras are on them when they have their numerous petty squabbles, or perhaps they're actually just quite empathetic people on their own terms. No, that can't be it. Although this show does make us rather protective of Peter Andre, a man for whom the word "henpecked" could've been invented.

So, last week was Peter's meningitis scare and subsequent near-death experience (ie. the tabloids said he was dead when acutally he wasn't), and this week he gets out of hospital, but lowculture's Favourite Celebrity Offspring Harvey is none too ecstatic to see him. Team Harvey for the inevitable conflict! Also, Katie has a scan and sees her new baby's face. Um, lovely?

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