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Those who Canada, do

MORE! Canada's Next Top Model, Living, 8.00pm

Canada's Next Top ModelApologies if it looks like we're temporarily turning this into modelculture or something this week, but on the grounds that (a) there's nothing much on tonight that isn't The Apprentice or Property Ladder, and we feel as though we've written about them quite a lot, and (b) any variety of Top Model, even the cheapass British one, is always good value because skinny girls bitching at each other is fun in all cultures.

Despite not having seen any of it yet (as David mentioned last week, we've been moving house and have seen nothing outside of Ikea and B&Q for the best part of two weeks, but we now assemble flatpack furniture like nobody's business), we're already intrigued by the little snippets of model info available on the website. For example, Heather "works in a brush factory", Tenika "likes to speak her mind" (which marks her aside from every reality TV show contestant ever...how, exactly?) and Ylenia is "admired for her unique bone structure", although by whom specifically is unclear.

This week, the girls are putting on their first public show, but will they work it like the rent is due tomorrow, or will they just be a hot mess? Battlestar Galactica fans may like to note that the lovely Tricia Helfer hosts this series of the show, so you may want to make the most of her because apparently Tyra's right-hand Oompa-Loompa Jay Manuel, who we are sure did not get the job through any kind of nepotism whatsoever, will be her replacement in the next season. Bah.

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I saw this the other day, and it was really low-key. No fun tyra, no classy makeovers, and a rustic lodge in the middle of nowhere.

Just like BNTM, it felt like a let-down.

By Anonymous LoveMusic, at 2:21 pm  

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