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We've got a good reason for this, honestly...

CUTE! Out Of Practice, Five, 6.30pm

Out of PracticeAt the risk of thoroughly ruining our reputation with all of you good people who peruse the site (hi, by the way! How was your weekend? It's so good to see you!), sometimes we recommend things even when we totally anticipate that they will be not very good at all. This doesn't indicate a violation of the website/reader trust, but rather a case where the negatives of a particular show will probably outweigh the positives, but where we decide to throw caution to the wind because we truly believe in the positives.

The odds are stacked against Out of Practice already: cancelled in America before the first season had run its course (so don't go getting too attached), it's in the weekdays at 6.30pm comedy slot on Five, previous home of such luminaries as Joey and Two and a Half Men, and in a display of brazen foolishness, it has two suspected showkillers in the cast: Paula Marshall and Christopher Gorham. But! Christopher Gorham is the reason we're recommending this, because in a very slick piece of timing from Five, this hits the screens just after he made his debut as adorkable accountant Henry on Ugly Betty, and to be honest, we can't get enough of him right now. Even when he's in a show that sounds terrible on paper (a family of doctors who don't get along? Oh dear). We've adored him since Popular, right through Odyssey 5 and Jake 2.0 and various other ill-fated shows, hoping that he'd get the break he clearly deserves, and this was one of his final projects before finally landing the breakthrough role on Betty. So if you watch this, wonder why a cast with such a strong pedigree (his costars include Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing) got stuck with...well, this.

Tracy-Ann ObermanAlso today: it's so very rare for us to suggest that you might want to turn off the TV and listen to the radio, but today we're going to make an exception for What Would Barbra Do? on Radio 4 at 9.45am and 12.30am. It's an account of Guardian scribe Emma Brockes's not-so-secret love of musicals, but that's not why we're recommending it. No, we're recommending it because it's being read by lowculture icon Tracy-Ann Oberman, and according to the Radio Times, she's turning in yet more excellent work. Hurrah, indeed.

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