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Monkey Business

SWEATY! Dragons’ Den, BBC2, 8pm

Everyone’s favourite humiliation-fest dressed up as a business show is back! Fantastically, it looks like Dragons’ Den is sticking to the format of having one slightly decent business idea bobbing around in a faux-fur-seated toilet of lunacy. ‘Slightly decent idea’ being the key term here, given that last year’s example of a great business was a shop selling baseball caps.

Tonight’s show features such indispensable items as: a ‘woolly warmer’ - a bag designed to solve the perennial nightmare of how to keep lambs cosy; a glove to remind idiots to drive on the other side of the road when abroad; an extremely complicated lemon-slicer; and reggae reggae sauce (complete with its own theme song, but employing which musical genre we wonder?). All fantastic proposals if the business plan involves adding LSD to the local water supply.

Hopefully at least one of the ‘entrepreneurs’ will be really arrogant and defend his rubbish idea to the point of insulting the Dragons so we don’t feel too bad when he is reduced to a worthless husk by the rich bullies. Peter Jones in particular has a great talent for causing people to perspire uncontrollably by glaring at them as if they’ve just crapped in a carrier bag and thrown it at him.

Dragons’ Den is wonderfully life-affirming in that it makes you feel like a business genius merely because you haven’t remortgaged your house on the basis of a delusional belief that the masses are desperate for a coffee table with a TV screen inside. During the bits where we’re not too busy feeling smug, we’ll be looking to see whether Richard Farleigh has realised it’s not the 1980s.

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I agree with your article. It is basically another of television's humiliation shows. Idiots who should be left alone are brought by telly producers and researchers into the studio to be mocked. We all feel better because they are stupider than us. I strongly suspect the 'dragons'' lines are written for them. They always seem to contain a metaphor that is developed in a particular way. We then are doubly pleased with ourselves: we understand the metaphor that is used by the dragons! Oh, how withering it was!

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