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Yay! A show about Primark!

CLOTHING! Primark - King of No-Frills Fashion, BBC2, 7.00pm

We wouldn't normally recommend The Money Programme to our viewers, as it's not often that it features anyone ripping off a wig, developing amnesia, covering a baby in fake tan or sleeping with a blood relative. However, we're sure that a lot of you will be interested in this particular edition, devoted as it is to the rise and rise of Primark.

A cursory glance at the internets will more often than not lead to you a post on someone's blog telling you about the awesome deal they got at Primark this week, because there are few thrills in life sweeter than getting a sought-after item of clothing for a knockdown price, and if you're not averse to the odd scrum every now and then to ensure you get the good stuff, Primark appears to be the place to be seen. It's even been featured in Vogue, no less.

Sadly we suspect this programme is not going to be a Trinny and Susannah-esque spree round various stores spotting bargains, but will be more of an examination of how it's managed to turn in such a profit at a time when other leading retailers are finding it hard to make ends meet. If you're not too turned off by all the financial and business-related stuff, though, there should be enough Primarky goodness for you all to revel in. Our findings here: considering how hard it was for us to find a picture to illustrate this article, they may have made some of those savings by not bothering to make a pretty website.

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