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Big Brother blues, not guilty of a snooze, TV gay abused


Oh dear, we forgot to do this bit for a whole week. Naughty! » Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. Germany's never-ending version of Big Brother has, erm, ended. The Truman Show-style experiment was designed to run for years, but nobody was watching so it's been yanked off after less than 12 months. » A court has ruled that former Neighbours star Shane Connor was unfairly sacked from the show. Shane, who played Joe Scully, was accused of popping pills, having a bit of a nap and being aggressive to screen wife Lynn. As if being mean to HER should be a sacking offence! » Coronation Street star Antony Cotton was reportedly subjected to a volley of homophobic abuse whilst leaving the show's studios this week. He once subjected LOWCULTURE to a volley of abuse in London's Popstarz nightclub when we innocently tried to prevent him getting a slap from an unfriendly gay, so we say: "Get fucked, Antony!".

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