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Gadgets and gizmos aplenty, whozits and whatsits galore

BUSINESS! Dragons' Den: Where Are They Now?, BBC2, 7.00pm

Money money money money - money! It's nothing personal, it's just business. Sorry, we got a bit carried away there; the majority of our business knowledge is what we gleaned from Donald "What on earth is that thing on your head?" Trump while watching The Apprentice. Those of you who've caught Dragons' Den before (and we suspect there are a few of you, since it's been a sizeable hit for BBC2) may know slightly more, having seen various people submitting ideas for allegedly genius inventions which established businesspeople then may or may not agree to bankroll.

But what, we hear you cry, becomes of all these people afterwards? (We've got super-powered hearing, honest.) Well, this would be your chance to find out, as Evan Davies tracks down all of the entrepreneurs to find out which ideas were the successful ones. We like the idea of the brolly vending machine on Underground stations (although how do you know if it's raining if you're underground?), but did it ever reach fruition and if so how much cash did it bring in? Watch and take notes; your fortune may be in here somewhere.

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