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Back to reality

BONZA! I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, ITV1, 9.00pm

Just two weeks ago we were writing with some considerable excitement about the new series of I'm a Celebrity, and already the conclusion is upon us. Actually, that's one of the biggest appealing factors in this show; while it's all-pervasive for the period that it's on screen, it's never on for so long that you have time to get sick of it in the same way you might with Big Brother or The X Factor.

It's been an eventful fortnight in the jungle as always. From Elaine Lordan's early exit after almost falling off a highwire, to the surprise (except to the many people who'd already heard they'd been lined up for this) appearance of Cannon and Ball, to Kimberley Davies's unfortunate diving accident leading to her own premature exit, we're surprised that they can still get insurance for a show like this.

After last night's slightly surprising farewell to Jimmy Osmond, we've now got three celebrities left campaigning to be king or queen: Carol Thatcher, Sid Owen and Sherree Murphy. Don't ask us why, but we think Carol Thatcher will be the one walking off with the title at the end of it. We never thought we'd be expecting another Thatcher to win an election, but isn't life just full of surprises?

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