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Snow joking matter

FESTIVE! Bad Girls Christmas Special, ITV1, 9.00pm

Its critics (and equally its fans, we suppose) say that Bad Girls is just a giant pantomime, so when you think about it, a Christmas special is the next logical step. As much as this show delights in disassociating itself from logic 90% of the time, that's exactly what they've done.

It's snowing at Larkhall, of course. It's absolutely impossible to have a Christmas special where it does not snow. Try it. You might be able to get some way into the production process, but once the gods of drama realise what you're up to, all of your equipment will mysteriously disappear. But we digress. A Siberian snowstorm (just go with it) strikes the prison on Christmas Eve, meaning that the inmates and staff are all shut up in G-Wing together. The new Guv, Joy Masterson, also makes the officers dress up for the Christmas Carol service, which should be excellent to see put into practice.

Julie J is being haunted by the memory of Fenner, and somehow we doubt this show will be able to resist taking that sentiment literally. There's also a power cut to contend with, and the arrival of new inmate Miranda Miles, who arouses suspicion in the same way that all new inmates do until it's revealed that she's gay/transgendered/addicted to heroin/a porn star/a sex trafficker, so we can all have fun trying to figure out exactly what her deal is.

Not as much fun, however, as we'll probably have watching the Larkhall alternative pantomime, Snow Black. We can only imagine where they'll go with that.

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