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Fahkin' chill ahhhhht!!!!

SKETCHY! The Catherine Tate Christmas Special, BBC2, 9.00pm

A Christmas special is a big deal, it seems. If you've got a successful and acclaimed comedy show on BBC2, having a Christmas special is almost as good as having your show moved to BBC1. Actually, given what became of Little Britain during the third series, it might even be better.

So here we have a Catherine Tate Christmas. Many people have said that she was the best thing (or indeed the only good thing) about this year's Royal Variety Performance, although the lady herself admitted she questioned the wisdom of the stage direction "Say to Queen: 'Are you calling my mother a prostitute?'" It's hard to say if the Queen was amused, but we certainly were.

There's a half-decent list of guest stars for this special as well: Charlotte Church will, for some unexplained reason, be spending Christmas with Nan; possibly Nan's catchphrase "Worra load of old shit!" will be reserved for the point where Charlotte plays her latest album. Not Bovvered Lauren battles with Richard Park as she auditions for Fame Academy, which is a pretty dated reference, but we'll let that slide if the sketch makes us laugh, which it almost certainly will. And apparently Chas 'n' Dave and Una Stubbs are also involved somewhere, but we haven't managed to find out how or why.

Even better news for Catherine Tate fans: it's a whopping 40 minutes long. Hooray!

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