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It's not your father's roasting

LOWCULTURE's US correspondent, MARKNYC, is outraged:

I'm outraged! Language is very important. Words and terms have distinct meanings and the British tabloid culture's degradation of 'roasting' is the final straw. The News Of The World would have us believe that 'roasting' is the simple treatment of women as pieces of meat. Readers with any knowledge of 'The Street' (aka internet sex chat rooms) will know that it is derived from the practice known as 'spit-roasting', which requires two men and a subject who is 'prepared' at both ends. Technically, a good spit-roast requires additional 'spitters' to get it just right. The term is quite specific and accurately describes the mechanics of the process. If anyone is up for such practices it is footballers shacked up in hotels. At least, one would hope.

If one of these footballers 'roasted' two girls on his own, he either threw them in an oven or has one gigantic cock. The News Of The World is deliberately misleading its readership and confusing the sexuality of an entire nation by their bastardization of the term. Perhaps they are simply protecting fragile readers from the actual details. I say, if you can't stand the heat, stay at home in the kitchen!

» Do you agree with Mark, or are you prepared to dismiss him as just another American crank? Head over to the messageboard and cast your vote.

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