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It's both big and clever

SWEARY! Deadwood, Sky One, 10.00pm
It's lowculture confession time again: when the first series of this show was broadcast on Sky One, we rather rolled our eyes at it. "Oh," we thought, "another show that thinks we'll watch it just because it's full of swears, and the fact that it's got Lovejoy swearing in it is meant to key into some kind of nostaglia factor." So we didn't watch it, and now we're rather wishing we had, because we've heard a lot of good reports about this show. Yes, there is a lot of swearing in it (although that isn't necessarily a bad thing - if you're looking for a few new curse words to pad out your vocabulary this would be an excellent place to do your research), but there is a lot more to it than we initially realised. Did you know, for example, that Deadwood is a real American town that still exists to this day? Or that certain parts of the plot are based on historical fact? Well, we didn't until recently, and that's got us viewing it in a new light. Why, it's almost (please suppress your shuddering at the next word) educational. So you can tell that to your parents/flatmates/significant other as they roll their eyes at the fifth consecutive sentence involving the word "cocksucker". There are some nice performances to watch out for as well, particularly since the show recast one of its actors into an entirely different role for the second season. Tonight there's a power struggle in Deadwood (just for a change) and the aptly-named Al Swearengen is rightly concerned. It seems like something pivotal might happen tonight - sounds like an excuse for lots of frustrating cursing to us. Hurrah!

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