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How exciting!

Here at lowculture, we strive to bring you in-depth reviews of the best of low culture entertainment.
And now we've gone one step further by bagging ourselves a role in an upcoming production - and it's a feature-length movie, no less!
Yes! lowculture's Aberdeen contingent (plus four close chums) have taken on the heavy roles of CLUBBERS IN NIGHTCLUB in local producer/director/actor Ara Paiaya's latest production - Night Driver.
Take a dash of 80s classic television series Night Rider (complete with replica KITT car!), remove The Hoff (but keep the jacket!) and blend with a dash of martial arts (looks painful!) and a smattering of comedy (Benny Hill, rest in peace!) and you've got a cinematic gem that's due for completion by the end of the year.
We spent three hours in Aberdeen nightspot Babylon (right) doing our best to make the place look crowded with the help of around half a dozen other extras.
Sadly, our scene featured neither KITT, nor any martial arts, but we're sure it's pivotal to the development of the movie*.
And in a behind-the-scenes EXCLUSIVE, we can let you know that our three hours of work involved the following:
>> Clutching empty bottles of beer!
>> Walking from one side of the club to the other as a group!
>> Walking from one side of the club to the other in single file!
>> Crouching by a window off-camera before walking past a table of gangsters!
But the highpoint for us was our final scene of the evening. Three of our group, including yours truly, forming a 'crowd', blocking Ara's attempts to catch the lead gangster as he legs it from the club.
Ours was truly the most wooden performance this side of Hollyoaks as we swayed and glared as Ara pushed his way past. Eight takes later, one of which included an ad-libbed "Shit!" from one of our party, and our work was done.
We reckon the whole scene will last something in the region of a minute-and-a-half, and we're expecting the finished movie to be broadcast in a local cinema in a few months' time. We'll let you know how premier goes.
Find out more about the charming and rather fit Mr Paiaya at his official website, Paiaya Films. But only once you've finished here, obviously.
In the meantime, why not share your experience of stardom with us by clicking on the link below?
*Something about a gangster planning to steal KITT. And somebody getting a slap to the face in an hilarious case of mistaken identity.

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