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Go go Power Rangers!

BAM! KAPOW! SPER-UNK! Paranormal?, National Geographic, 8.00pm
In our ongoing search for diversity here on lowculture, we're not above recommending channels that we normally avoid due to their high levels of educational content. Something about this particular programme caught our interest, focusing as it does on the investigation of real-life superheroes. We've probably watched far too many fantasy shows and read far too many comics, but in a quiet moment you can often catch lowculture sitting in a quiet corner squinting like we've got a migraine in an attempt to display some evidence of telekinesis, or wondering exactly what qualifications you need to become a vengeance demon (because we've always thought we'd be quite good at that). Being as it is on National Geographic, we're going to assume that this programme will be far more fact-based than most of our own explorations into superhuman powers, but it still sounds like it'll be worth catching. You might be advised to not choose this as your TV dinner programme though, as one of the subjects explored is mystics who mutilate their bodies without feeling pain. We may have to close our eyes at that point since the thought of just getting a nipple piercing brings us out in a cold sweat, rubbish gays that we often are. In an effort to be responsible, we'd like to remind you that the people featured in this programme are professionals, we do not advise you to attempt any of these feats at home, and we reiterate that wearing a cape does not, in and of itself, enable you to fly. Thank you very much.

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