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13 reasons to be excited

1. They have started filming series two of Doctor Who!
2. AND! Billie Piper is in it again, and she is even more orange than she was last time.
3. AND! AND! David Tennant is in it too. He has a nice costume which consists of a scruffy brown suit, some trainers, and a great long coat, and we're not quite sure if fancying Doctor Who is OK, so we will see how it works out.
4. AND! AND! AND! The next episode will be a Christmas special with reindeer and everything.
5. AND! AND! AND! AND! Penelope Wilton is returning as Harriet Jones, last seen as MP for Flydale North in series one, and now rumoured to be prime minister. Ooh!
6. AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! Also returning is Elizabeth Sladen, who used to be Sarah Jane Smith, who was Rose when Tom Baker was David Tennant. Or was she Rose when Jon Pertwee was Christopher Eccleston? Oh, we're getting a bit confused now.
7. AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! Stephen Fry is writing an episode. Blimey.
8. AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! Jackie and Mickey will be returning too, which is good news, because we think Jackie is ace and quite fancy Mickey.
9. AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! AND! As if all that wasn't enough.
10. It's only going to have Adam Flaming Garcia in it. Seriously – do they WANT us to just sit there actually LICKING the television. Do they? DO THEY?
11. Mind you, what if licking the television isn't actually bad for you? It might be OK. But it might cause electrocution or death or something. Oh dear.
12. Right, that's settled. If he remains fully clothed throughout, we will not lick the television. If he doesn't...
13. That seems like a good time to stop. Agreed? Good.

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