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Got much love for all my babymamas

SCRAP! Coronation Street, ITV1, 7.30 & 8.30pm
The trouble with Coronation Street right now is that we want to feature it in our previews almost all of the time. Even when there isn't a big storyline just about to erupt, a lot of the B-plots are just as entertaining and as much fun, as anyone who watched the shoplifting adventures of Cilla and the wonderful Yana on Friday can attest to. Of course, we take our previewing responsibilities very seriously and as much as we want to ring our Corrie bell and wear our sandwich board with pride, sometimes we have to put it aside for other things. Hurrah then for the fact that (a) there's a top storyline going on tonight, and (b) there's bugger-all else on that sounds appealing (America's Next Top Model aside, and we know that there's a limit to the number of times we can realistically demand that you watch that) so we can recommend this with an entirely clear conscience! W00t, as we believe the kids are saying on the internets. Anyway, those of us who have been following the saga of Tracy and Steve get yet another massive set-piece tonight. After pretending to be in love with Tracy in order to get officially recognised as Amy's father only to be thwarted at the last minute (Steve, we applaud your efforts, but you must have known that you NEVER fuck with the devil's right-hand woman), the relationship between the two warring parents has been frosty, to put it politely. Any sign that Bearer of the Eternal Grudge Tracy might be thawing really ought to be viewed with suspicion, but this is not something that occurs to Steve when Tracy suggests he take Amy to the airport to watch the planes. Meanwhile, Tracy puts in a few calls, and...well, the picture pretty much gives you the rest.

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