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We minced along to Big Gay Out in London's Finsbury Park at the weekend, and flippin' heck, it was certainly big and gay.
Last year's event was a great one for rubbish celeb spotting. We clocked Samantha Fox, complete with lesbian lover, one of the Pop! boys (remember them?) and that "blonde" boy from V whose name quite escapes us at present – all in the space of several hours.
Pickings were considerably slimmer this year, though – the poor schmucks who handed over 70 notes for VIP tickets must have been less than delighted that the most notable faces on offer belonged to Nikk out of Phixx and Kinga from Big Brother. Luckily we managed to blag ours for free, and felt suitably smug as we sat on the sidelines in our yellow press wristbands, being vile and gay about anyone with a pink VIP one.
Mercifully, Babyshambles didn't turn up – although this did mean we ended up missing Beverley Knight belting out Keep This Fire Burning when she moved up the bill to replace them. And a sudden and unexplained desire to see Goldfrapp meant we completely (unforgivably!) missed Sybil's turn, so we are unable to confirm whether or not she performed I'm Gonna Get You Good in a cowboy hat and pigtails like she did on Hit Me Baby One More Time.
The best bit was The Enchanted Forest of David Hasselhoff, a special shrine to the great man that seemed to have been constructed in the mistaken belief that pissed-up bummers would not otherwise venture into a load of bushes in a secluded area of a gay knees-up. It was inspired, though – there was even a tree on which one could hang messages to David ("Dear David, please don't sing!").
Hooray for the gays!

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I was there too, hurrah. The Enchanted Forest was my highlight too. "The Hoff makes me horny."

By Blogger Cassandra, at 6:26 pm  

I can confirm Sybil was not wearing a cowboy hat, nor did she have pigtails.

By Blogger Essexgirl, at 6:29 pm  

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