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Guess who's back? Guess! Go on, guess!

SKETCHY! The Catherine Tate Show, BBC2, 9.30pm
Now, don’t tell anyone about this lest we be reported to the comedy appreciation police, but we’re actually more excited about this show tonight than we are about Extras. Perhaps our joy is from seeing a show that we thought was doomed to be “critically acclaimed” and entirely unwatched actually return for a second series. Perhaps it’s the fact that, being the media whores we are, we attended the filming of the new series and we already know it’s a corker. Whatever the reason, this is our absolute must-see TV for tonight. New characters joining the show include Moo the maverick dog trainer and the elderly gentleman who takes great offence to the common assumption that he’s a homosexual (“how very dare you!”), and returning characters include Nan, the outspoken elderly cockney who has a habit of embarrassing her grandson (the delectable Mathew Horne, last seen in Teachers) and denouncing everything thus: “Worraloadof old shit!”, and of course, Lauren, the defensive teenager whose aim in life is to make certain that no one calls her a pikey or her dad a wino. Because she’s not bothered, you see. Is her face bothered? Is it bothered though? We’re also hoping for the return of the annoying office lady who continually forces you to guess how much her lunch/holiday/haircut cost, and then mocks you for getting it wrong, and Elaine, the death row bride. Don’t tell anyone we said this bit either, but we think this show’s funnier and better than Little Britain. Shhhh!

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I do too, and its had all the humour sucked out of it by its constant use by chavs

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:58 am  

Definately agree - Little Britain was funny until you heard all the scum in the strett usng the catch phrases. Catherine Tate is far to clever for the chavs to understand!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:47 pm  

Worraloadof old shit. I missed it:(

By Blogger krip, at 8:44 pm  

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