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Just lose it

FAT! The Biggest Loser, Living TV, 8.00pm
We meant to point this out to you last week but sadly couldn’t because we were in too much of a hurry. Professional to the hilt, that’s us. Anyway, better late than never, so here we go: this is yet another show from the American cruel-to-be-kind school of reality TV. It’s not a million miles away from Fat Club (you know, before it became Fit Club because apparently while it’s fine to call members of the public fat, it becomes a problem when you try to do that to a few D-list celebrities) in that it features a group of overweight contestants all trying to slim down, with a prize in store for – you’ve guessed it – the biggest loser. It’s been fairly aggressively promoted on Living TV, and we have to admit that we do quite want to tune in, in that we-know-we-shouldn’t-but-we-just-can’t-stop-ourselves method of thinking that lies behind the entire lowculture ethos. Pop culture spotters amongst you will notice that the host of this show is Caroline Rhea, otherwise known as Sabrina The Teenage Witch’s Aunt Hilda. We can’t help wondering if there’s some connection between the horrible outfits that were at least two sizes too small that she was squeezed into for Sabrina, and the fact that she ended up presenting this show. One for you to ponder at home, we suppose.

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