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Colonisation for Dummies

EMPIRE! How To Start Your Own Country, BBC2, 10.00pm
Okay, hands up how many of you remember somewhat iffy mid-90s BBC sitcom A Perfect State? Small idiosyncratic seaside town discovers it was accidentally omitted from the Doomsday Book and subsequently declares itself an independent state, with hilarity ensuing? Decried by critics at the time as an unfunny rip-off of Passport to Pimlico? Well, perhaps you don't (not everyone has the lowculture encyclopaedic memory of rubbish television from bygone times, something which we haven't quite defined as a blessing or a burden just yet), but this leads us nicely to a description of this programme, where quirky filmmaker Daniel Wallace looks into how you might go about setting up your own country. It's not such a crazy idea as it might seem - for starters, it'll probably turn out to be far easier than getting on the property ladder, and look how many TV shows have been made about that. Besides, think of the advantages of having your own country - writing your own laws, for example. Complete control of your borders - you could make sure that Kelly Osbourne never sets foot past customs. Endless possibilities, we're sure you'll agree. In the first of six instalments, tonight we find out how you go about landing the territory for your country. Hmm. Apparently just buying a house might be easier after all.

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Hmm, I wonder if he'll make reference to the self-declared "Gay Kingdom" in the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia - whose website I was going to provide a link to, but it's gone!

By Blogger Mr Kenneth, at 5:10 pm  

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