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Back for good (and quite a lot of evil)

SUDSY! Neighbours, BBC1, 1.40/5.35pm
Iconic soap characters are a funny breed, we reckon. They’re often the last (and indeed equally often the first) resort of a producer desperately trying to recreate the golden age of a soap when facing a downturn in fortunes. It’s a trend that often backfires: look at the return of Bet Lynch to Coronation Street, or of Dirty Den to EastEnders – highly publicised, ill-received and undone within a short space of time leaving a huge mess for everyone else to clear up. Which gives us all the more reason to congratulate the bigwigs behind Neighbours for the fact that the return of Paul Robinson is the best thing to happen to Erinsborough in ages. Having caused ructions in the Bishop family by befriending Lil and slowly setting up David for a fall, Paul’s sitting pretty at this point even if his victims are not. Today the news of David’s arrest hits Harold hard, and he seeks comfort from Kerry-lookalike Gabby, who somewhat unfortunately misreads his intentions – that’s right kids, it’s a hilarious mix-up! Meanwhile, Lil has more bad news for David, clearly a fan of kicking a man while he’s down. The bad part is, we’re kind of right behind her where David’s concerned. We’re so awful sometimes.

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