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The end is nigh...or is it?

BEWITCHING! Charmed, Living TV, 8.00pm
Charmed comes to the end of its seventh season tonight – and just to put it into perspective, at this stage in Buffy, we knew we were at the very end of the series and we had something special to look forward to (whether we still felt that way after watching it was another matter). The thing is, the fate of Charmed has been hanging in the balance for some time now, and the network weren’t in any hurry to tell the producers whether they’d have to write a series-closer rather than a season-closer…so, as a result, we’ve got an episode that could be either. The good news is, there is going to be an eight season to tie up all the loose ends. The bad news is that from what we’ve heard of this episode’s plot, we’re really going to need it. Anyway, tonight Zankou’s plan to defeat the Charmed Ones once and for all reaches fruition as he steals Piper’s and Phoebe’s powers and attempts to take over the Nexus. Let’s just hope he finds more use for Phoebe’s powers than Phoebe ever has – and that can’t be difficult.

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