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Hottieline to heaven

WATCH THIS! Joan of Arcadia, Living TV, 6.05pm
Possibly not quite so massive over here as it has been in America, the second series of Joan of Arcadia moves to an earlier evening slot. If it has been less of a hit over here, we’re wondering why that might be – is it because us Brits are all Godless heathens? For the uninitiated, Joan is an average teenager – except for the part where God talks to her directly. Having spent the entirety of series one doing her best to carry out God’s will (and not that we’re implying for a second that Joan’s shallow, but we’d carry out His will too if he kept appearing to us in the form of a hot boy), Joan is desperate to be normal again and has decided that to ignore God in the hope that He’ll go away. Joan, dear: it’s not like he’s your ex-boyfriend. We really don’t think it’ll be that simple, yo.

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