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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Thursday, Oct 2:
» Rome was declared the capital of Italy in 1870. That fact kind of lost its effect by the time we were ask to declare it during geography lessons in primary school.
» Scientists revealed that the hole in the ozone layer was the largest it had ever been for the time of year in 1998. And the winters weren't as cold as they used to be. And you can't find Creamola Foam anywhere these days.Tch! Scientists! What a bunch of aul' wifeys!
» On this day in 2000, police raided the home of a suspected criminal in London. But later discovered he was already in custody. Oops.
» Bricklayer Danny Teare became the world pea-throwing champion by hurling a frozen pea 29.1metres. As bored students, we found there was nothing more satisfying than throwing a block of frozen peas at the wall and watching them shatter.
» Happy birthday to: newsreader Anna Ford (60); singer Don McLean (58); Phil Oakey from out of The Human League (48), and . . . Tiffany! Hooray! (she's 32 today, by the way)

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