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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Wednesday, Oct 1:
» The News of the World was published for the first time in 1843. We're guessing the norks-to-news ratio has changed somewhat over the years.
» Bill Clinton was preparing to speak at the Labour party conference this time last year. He took time out from preparing his speech to take Kevin Spacey and Alistair Campbell for a McDonalds in Blackpool.
» Tom Cruise tackled muggers who were attempting to rob his neighbour in 1998. They had to reshoot the scene three times after the muggers fluffed their lines and the neighbour inadvertantly looked Tom directly in the eye (possibly).
» David Bowie moved to West Berlin to live semi-reclusively for three years in 1976. he went there in an agreement with Iggy Pop to fight cocaine addiction. In our books, that's a bit like moving in with Rik Waller to fight cake additiction.
» Michael Jackson's white crystal-beaded glove was stolen from the Motown Museum in Detroit 12 years ago - and MC Hammer promised a $50,000 reward for its return. We don't think Michael returned the favour by offering a reward to trace MC Hammer, though.
» These are a few of our favourite birthdays: Julie Andrews turns 68 today - her favourite song from The Sound of Music was Lonely Goat Herd. Also celebrating is Keith Duffy, who reaches 29.

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