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Another week, another full page of half-baked philosophy from Big Brother winner Cameron "Stout" in Scotland's favourite newspaper, the Sunday Post.
This week, we discover:
» The only purchases Cameron has made so far with his BB winnings are a new kitchen for his (hot) brother Julyan and a new piano for his church!
» But! He now plans to splash out on a new car for himself. Nothing too flash, mind – Cam's not going to go all showbiz on us. And definitely not a Ferrari – the poor boy gets noticed enough without a flashy sports car to draw even more attention. Bless!
» Cameron's ideal woman in Rosamunde Pike. He even chatted up the Die Another Day start at a party, and she has invited him to the theatre!
» He thinks models are far to skinny.
» Sean Connery is welcome at Maison Stout any time, which we're sure must be a great comfort to him.
Entertaining as Cameron's witterings might be, he will have to get a lot better before he displaces the Sunday Post's other celebrity columnist, Lorraine Kelly, in the our hearts. We were particularly amused by her comparision of EastEnders star Jessie Wallace to "a sausage bursting out of its skin" due to her propensity for wearing size 12 clobber when she really needs a size 14.

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