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She came . . . but I Think She's Gone Home Now

Like Chesney Hawkes and Rick Astley, we thought she'd been given a slapped wrist and told to leave the charts alone, so we were more than chuffed to discover everyone's favourite mall dancer, Tiffany, would be playing close to lowculture Towers (Scotland) at the weekend*.
But we couldn't bring ourselves to go. After seeing her as a contributor on one of Channel 4's Top Ten programmes looking less Britney and more Christina we couldn't risk our fragile memory of the younger Tiff being damaged any further.
Thankfully, pictures from the performance showed her looking happy, healthy and smiley, just like she was the first time round.
And, according to a colleague who interviewed her, she's dead nice as well. Apparently she's "all about LA at the moment" and is "focusing on her acting career".
She's had her fair share of problems over the years, so we say "hoorah!" for the Tiffany comeback, particularly as I Saw Him Standing There** was the first single this contributor ever bought.
*But not in a mall this time.
** Ahem.

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